Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Getting There.... Slowly : O

Hey Ho!

More Updates! : D.... What do you think of the board? lol, Im going to get round to messaging everyone whose picture I used, so no freaking out, it's still in the union office, ready for Freshers

Fayre : ) Here's my Freshers Packs all stuffed and ready to roll for Freshers Week : ) They were made more for information purposes than for fun fun freebies, but there are some fun fun freebies in it of course : P aswell of this I'll have condoms, naturally : P

Now onto the Best Mates and the 3 HOUR saga of getting the damn Wolves onto the best mates shirts : ) So here they are, on sheets and after about 1-2hours of me cutting them out O_o hard work

man, hard work! And here is the process <3>ne normal, not so boring, Best Mates T-Shirt, apply one Rainbow Wolf transfer and iron it on!

As you can see completely trashed my kitchen doing it, but here's the finish result, I did 14 T-shirts in total : O bad times! lol : )

6 LGBT Best Mates with 2 T-Shirts each and my own, the nice Red One : D and I have 4 Transfers left over : D Hurray, incase I get anymore "followers" at Training on Thursday xD lol!

So In short.... Everything should be ready for Freshers now : D Hurray! I still feel like I forgot somthing : O Best Mates Training on Thursday : D Hurray!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Welcome, To The New Year!

Hey All : D

Well it's the start of a new year so I thought, lets clear the blog out, archieve the old posts and start a fresh : )

So What's been happening?

Erm... I was elected onto the Students Union in..... May? I think? I forget when the elections were, I just know they happened : ) Im only a part time officer though, here is the new set of full time officers,
who work all day everyweek day near enough in the Activities Center in MD if you ever need them for anything, or go onto www.wolvesunion.org.uk and find their office number : )

I've stayed in Wolverhampton all Summer going to meetings and on teambuilding days and organising our LGBT Event for Freshers Week : D Which is gonna be awesome <3>n the stall, just not as good ; ) lmao!

And of course dont forget to look out for the Best Mates! All here to help out freshers, show them around, make them feel more at home, if you do need one of them to talk about LGBT Kinda stuff look out for ones with the Rainbow Wolf as you can see here : ) There are 6 Best Mates and Myself who will have the wolf on, so look our for us ^_- And of course dont forget LGBT Freshers Night! Sunday 20th!


See Ya There! -xXx-