Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Getting There.... Slowly : O

Hey Ho!

More Updates! : D.... What do you think of the board? lol, Im going to get round to messaging everyone whose picture I used, so no freaking out, it's still in the union office, ready for Freshers

Fayre : ) Here's my Freshers Packs all stuffed and ready to roll for Freshers Week : ) They were made more for information purposes than for fun fun freebies, but there are some fun fun freebies in it of course : P aswell of this I'll have condoms, naturally : P

Now onto the Best Mates and the 3 HOUR saga of getting the damn Wolves onto the best mates shirts : ) So here they are, on sheets and after about 1-2hours of me cutting them out O_o hard work

man, hard work! And here is the process <3>ne normal, not so boring, Best Mates T-Shirt, apply one Rainbow Wolf transfer and iron it on!

As you can see completely trashed my kitchen doing it, but here's the finish result, I did 14 T-shirts in total : O bad times! lol : )

6 LGBT Best Mates with 2 T-Shirts each and my own, the nice Red One : D and I have 4 Transfers left over : D Hurray, incase I get anymore "followers" at Training on Thursday xD lol!

So In short.... Everything should be ready for Freshers now : D Hurray! I still feel like I forgot somthing : O Best Mates Training on Thursday : D Hurray!

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